From the Perspective of a Teacher’s Husband

Mind you, this means that teachers have their students for over 1.5…

Due to a smallpox epidemic among the defenders of Fort Donelson, this river battery is all that stood between the Union Army and Nashville, TN — and the heart of Confederate Industry and Rail Traffic

And this is not history repeating itself.

The abolishment of Slavery was monumental for Human Rights across the world. Just as importantly, the diminishment of State’s Rights and assertion of power by the Federal Government would forever change the economics and behavior of nearly every American since then. …

I’ve added a poll to LinkedIn asking why people and orgs are not using Cloud technologies for infrastructure.

Please take a moment and fill it out. If I see…

An Illustration of The Allegory of the Cave from Plato’s Republic

Mini-Monoliths are applications that encapsulate a single
Domain of services where all possible transactions within
that Domain are contained within the Mini-Monolith except to
push data to ACID compliant data sources.

Typically, a Mini-Monolith will be deployed and managed via
containers or through a hosted web server such as Azure App
Services which can leverage automatic or otherwise managed
deployments directly from source code repositories.

Mini-Monoliths should be hosted in services that can automatically
scale and spawn instances as necessary to meet demand or act
redundantly in the event of a failure of a mini-monolith.

Problems Solved

Mini-Monoliths are a refinement of…

I am watching this National Geographic series on whales that just came out this month. I have casually studied Orcas since childhood. What I just saw blows my mind.


I needed this info 2 weeks ago…

Tip: He’s Better

Elon Musk makes his money by making the world a better place to live.

Winner: Elon: 1–0

Sure, Tony got into clean energy after using clean energy to escape a cave where he learned his lesson about making weapons.

Elon got into clean energy for the sake of getting into clean energy.

Winner: Elon: 2–0

Tony went nuts and kicked his race car driver out of the Monaco GP, then got the car destroyed because of his dad’s legacy in weapons.

Elon creates cars that perform like race cars, but…

The Web is About to Get Rusty!

Microsoft is at it AGAIN!

It’s so much lighter than React or Vue and renders server side for maximum performance!

This amazing web framework is called Active Server Pages, and it’s perfect for creating Web Apps in Rust utilizing the Windows-RS project which provides COM bindings for Rust. …

Battle of the C# IDEs

What C# IDE Is Best Right Now?

The Competitors

  • Visual Studio 2019 Community, Professional, Enterprise, Version 16.9 ▪ Windows 10
  • Visual Studio Code, Version 1.54.x + OmniSharp, Version 1.23.9 ▪ Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10; Windows Server 2008+; Linux (Snap or native for many distros); MacOS 10.10+
  • JetBrains Rider, Version 2020.3 ▪ Windows 8.1, 10; MacOS 10.13+, Linux Debian 9+, Ubuntu 16.04+, CentOS 7+, Fedora 30+, Other with GLIBC 2.17+, Snap Package


These three products off distinctly different philosophies on how to…

The Sharp Ninja

20+ years of professional software engineering has taught me a thing or three…

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